Why Every Business Should Take Advantage of Video Marketing

Is your business taking advantage of the video marketing boom?

It can be extremely difficult to make an online impact when it comes to advertising your business. There are thousands of other businesses out there and most of them are using the same tools to advertise – social media, SEO, blogging, and a few other things.

One thing that can help to set you apart from the crowd is a really strong video marketing campaign. For a lot of small businesses, video marketing is intimidating because it requires lots of technical prowess and creativity. However, neglecting it would be a huge missed opportunity.

In this post, we’re going to discuss how you can use video marketing to take your digital marketing strategy to a new level. To tell the story of your business and build your brand, you need to appeal to the right audience. Video marketing is the best way to do that in 2020.

Video Marketing Allows Your Personality to Shine

Video marketing presents you with a huge opportunity to connect with your audience. You can allow your personality to shine through in your videos, which you can’t quite do to the same degree using other digital marketing mediums. 

With video, you can produce an array of videos to advertise your products, build your brand, or give your audience a behind the scenes look at your day to day operations. Building a personal connection with your customers is the best way to build trust and keep them coming back for more, but only if you work on putting out engaging content.

At StoriesUp, we put a special focus on helping you tell your story, from introductions to customer testimonials and everything in between.

More People Watch Videos Now Than Ever

The simple fact of the matter is that more people watch videos now than ever before. People prefer to consume videos than any other type of digital content and it’s obvious why. For example, it’s so much faster and easier to watch a 3-5 minute explainer video than to read a blog post.

Of course, written content still has a place in the digital marketing landscape, but we live in a video-oriented world now and blogging is better as a complement to a really great video campaign. All you have to do is look at the stats and you’ll see that most businesses rely on video marketing because that’s the content that consumers want to see.

Easier to Convert With Video

Knowing this fact, you can easily see how video can positively affect conversion rates. Watching an explainer video, for instance, allows a customer to see exactly how your products/services work. From there, they can make an immediate and informed decision on whether or not they want to purchase.

This is good news for businesses because you’re always looking for ways to convert casual viewers into loyal customers. With blogging, SEO, and social media marketing, it can feel like a shot in the dark. With the help of a great video marketing service, you’ll see your conversion rates skyrocket. 

Build Your Brand Effectively With Video Marketing

There’s nothing easy about building a great brand, no matter what marketing mediums you’re using. It can take years for a brand to flourish into what you envisioned back when you started your company, but videos make it so much easier to get your brand identity across to your prospective customers. 

Businesses with strong brands are always the most likely to corner a piece of their market. It takes high-quality production and consistency across every video, social media post, and blog post, so you need to plan and develop carefully.

When it comes to videos, it’s more about the type of video content you’re putting out. As we said earlier, you can showcase your personality through your videos, but you can also develop a visual identity and a voice that your followers will associate with your company. This is how brand building starts.

Mobile Video Is the Future

The way that things are trending, we’re going to see further expansion into mobile video advertising. Every year, people are spending more time on their mobile devices and thus, more hours consuming video advertisements. It’s entirely reasonable to expect mobile advertising to be the predominant way that small businesses appeal to new customers in the near future, so you should be allocating resources to it now.

Mobile video advertising requires a slightly different approach than you’d take on desktop. With regard to mobile apps like Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube, it’s all about brevity, so you need to be able to make your point quickly. To do this, it’s almost always beneficial to work with an experienced video production company that understands the way trends are in video advertising. 

Save Yourself Some Time

Working with a company like StoriesUp, you can start to get into a video production groove. As you discover your online identity and develop your brand, it actually becomes easy to produce videos that your followers will love. With creativity on your side, appealing to customers, both old and new, becomes a breeze.

When you have faith in your digital advertising campaign, you can take more energy and focus and put it towards important things like product development and expansion. This is how you can take your small business and take it to the next level.

Working With the Right Video Marketing Agency

Now that you understand why video marketing is such an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle, you can start developing your video strategy today. It all starts with finding the perfect digital marketing agency, so if you want to build your brand to tell your story, contact us at StoriesUp.

StoriesUp is a St. Louis based video production company with a passion for human storytelling. We can help you discover your visual identity, so you can appeal to the right customers with your video marketing campaign. Visit our website today to take a look at our packages and pricing.

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